Stores monitor & manag

Managing and monitoring purchases and stores works

Contracting companies management and accounting Program

What is the objective of stores monitoring system?

Volume of the exchanged materials in projects is a considered percentage, so Babel seeks providing complete store cycle between stores, purchases and sales and monitoring purchases quantities or the exchanged to the company projects or subcontractors as a quantity, amount and monitoring the differences in quantities with the standard quantities approved from the technical office.

Purchases and stores management

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What does Babel provide to stores management?

1. Record all items data and classify them to groups.

2. Providing 4 prices to deal with item of issue and purchasing price, damage and estimate.

3. Ability to import items from Excel sheet.

4. Provide information about the item at any time from medium, less, more, at last purchasing price.

5. Ability to record accumulative items as concrete.

6. Ability to record item Barcode and deal through it during issue or entry.

7. Ability of dealing with presented services as items as transport, rent of equipment

8. Ability of linking the item account with the accounting guide to use it during the accounting forwarding.

9. Complete Store Cycle of issue permit # Receipt Permit # internal transfer order # minutes of inventory.

10. Providing more than 15 reports specialized in stores works and store evaluation

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What does Babel provide to Purchasing management?

1- Complete purchasing cycle of purchasing order – supplying order – material receipt – purchasing invoice – purchasing return.

2- Link purchasing order with supplying order and editing supplying order with all its conditions and guaranties and method of payment to the supplier.

3- Link supplying order with receipt order and following the contracted quantities and the executed and remaining quantities.

4- Ability to direct purchase to the store or the project directly and the accounting treatment of the invoice.

5- The accounting treatment of the sale and commercial tax and the deduction from origin and deducting the invoice.

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6- The ability to prepare deduction on the level of item or deduct on the level of invoice and treat the bonus.

7- The ability to import purchasing invoice of supplying order or receipt order or purchasing request or addition permit.

8- The ability to prepare deductions on the level of item or invoice and treat bonus.

9- Link purchasing invoice with standard quantities approved by the technical office and not exceeding it.

10- Control purchasing party either cash – bank – supplier – employee custody – client.

11- Treating purchasing returns and importing purchasing invoice with the accounting treatment.

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What are Babel solutions to sales management?

1. The ability to import from supplying permit or issuing permit or from work order.

2. Recording the representative data and calculating the commission.

3. The ability of block negative sale.

4. The accounting direction of sales cost and taxes and deductions.

5. The ability of selling from several stores in the same invoice.

6. The accounting treatment for each store independently.

7. Selling to any account in the guide either client – supplier – contractor – employee, etc..

8. Treating sales returns or the accounting treatment of it.

How to link Purchasing invoice with the technical office.

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What are Babel solutions to manage issue invoice?

1- Set prices to materials during issue by item average on the level of the whole company or the store.

2- Warning messages in case of exceeding the issued quantities of the standard quantities of the project.

3- The accounting treatment of issuing from the store to project or contractor or any account in the guide.

4- The accounting treatment, transfer materials from project to another project

The accounting treatment of issue from store to project